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    Spring Booster Vaccine Program in BC

    The Province of British Columbia is further lifting Covid-19 restrictions while it continues to protect those most at risk with the spring booster vaccine program. Health authorities in BC are encouraging everyone to get their booster vaccine doses, so that more restrictions can be safely lifted.

    What is the Spring Booster Vaccine Program?

    From April 2022, BC has launched the spring booster vaccine program for seniors in long-term care and assisted living facilities. The new booster dose aims at providing more protection to community dwelling seniors over the age of 70 and Indigenous people over the age of 55. The new booster dose will be given to those who received their third shot six months ago or before. These seniors will get invitations from the authorities, and they can use these invitations to get appointments in health authority clinics or at participating pharmacies.

    Vaccines available for booster dose

    Health authorities in BC continue to recommend mRNA vaccines like Pfizer or Moderna as the best option for booster doses. Regardless of which vaccine your earlier doses were, you can use either of the two mRNA vaccines. BC has also made provisions for those who want non-mRNA vaccines as well and they can call on the number 1-833-838-2323 and add their names on the waiting list.

    Why must one take a booster dose?

    The most important benefit of the booster dose of vaccine is that it will minimize your risk of serious illness even if you are infected with the Covid virus. The immunity that you have received from the earlier doses of vaccines will wane as time passes by. Therefore, you must take the booster doses to reduce the probability of serious illness if you are affected by the virus.

    If you have had Covid earlier, you still need to take the booster dose. You can wait for three months and then get the booster dose. We are still not completely aware of the long-term effects of Covid, and some studies show as much as a doubling of risk for heart attacks and strokes for those who have had infection of the Covid virus.

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